Using the kit

How do I use the kit?

Got your kit already? or just wondering how it works? See our instructions below, and remember our kit comes with a handy instruction manual.

Begin by taking the silicone mouth inserts, boil some water and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. Hold the silicone mouth insert with the attached tab and then submerge it in the water for 15 seconds. Remove the mouth insert and immediately place it around your teeth, suck in to remove any air creating a tight seal around the teeth whilst pressing firmly all around, this will help mould it into the shape of your teeth. Repeat this process for the bottom teeth with the second mouth insert. When the mouth impressions have been created, take some scissors and remove the hold-tabs that stick out.

Step 2: Applying Gel

Now that you have the impressions, apply a quarter of each syringe to the inside of the mouth inserts. You should only use a total of half of a syringe per whitening session.

Now that you have the gel-filled mouth inserts ready, place them in the mouth, you can now power on our high-tech LED whitening device and place that in the mouth, closing your lips to form a seal. Now simply wait for 15-20 minutes and your first whitening session is complete.

Whilst whitening, it is common for a build up of saliva to occur, if you cannot contain this in the mouth, we recommend carefully spitting this into the sink but have no concerns as this shouldn't affect your results.